About the Association

Chase Farms Board Members

President: Art Belloli (248) 348-3655

Vice President: Larry Lloyd (248) 380-8472

Treasurer: Dave Renner (248) 374-9176

Secretary: Open

Architectural Chair: Larry Lloyd (248) 380-8472

Beautification Chair: Larry Lloyd (248) 380-8472

Maintenance Chair: Art Belloli (248) 348-3655

Social Chair: Larry Lloyd (248) 380-8472

Board Member: Stephen Letzeiser (248) 449-4499

Board Member: Larry Nelson (248) 946-4299

Board Member: Heidi Rhome  (248) 348-8040


Please send non-electronic correspondence to:

  • CFHA
  • P.O. Box 886
  • Novi, Michigan 48376-0886


Architectural: Required by Article II of the Chase Farms Deed restrictions to ensure that no homeowner makes exterior changes which would adversely affect the overall appeal of the community. Reviews and approves/ disapproves plans for the external design, appearance, use and maintenance of neighborhood homes and interprets the governance documents.

Beautification: Selects and manages contractors for maintenance of common grounds, selects flowers, decorations and holiday lighting.  Contributes ideas for landscape improvements and assists architectural on landscape matters.

Social: Develops and runs social programs such as the egg hunt and subdivision-wide garage sales.


Association Dues: $240, due January 31st each year.

Mortgage & Title Companies: If you need an Association Status letter, please e-mail treasurer@chasefarms.com.